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Miller’s Station is a Morris County Heritage Commission landmark and
bears a historic marker (as seen in image above) that was placed in front
of the house during the 1976 US bicentennial.

The Luke Miller House/Miller’s Station is also part of the Bottle Hill
Historic District, which is listed on the NJ State Register of Historic
Places (district 4204, listed December 7, 2004) and the National Register
of Historic Places (ID#05006614, listed June 16, 2005).

Certain historic architectural elements within the interior and on
the exterior of the Luke Miller House are protected by a historic
preservation and conservation easement overseen by the New Jersey
Historic Trust. Historical man-made and natural features on the
remaining 1.6 acres surrounding the house, which were once part of the
Miller Family’s 56+ acre land holdings known as “Miller’s Station,” are
also protected under this easement. A copy of the easement is available
through the Historical Documents link on this site. Most of the protected
features are also described in links throughout the Photo Gallery.