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Documentary Video - Luke Miller: Forging History

In 2007, Madison’s Museum of Early Trades and Crafts was awarded a
$10,000 grant by The History Channel’s “Save Our History” educational
program. The museum collaborated with Madison High School History
Department chair, Mark DeBiasse (a “Save Our History” Teacher of the
Year finalist)
, plus 26 of his students, the Madison Historical Society, and
Cablevision to conduct research and produce a 20-minute documentary,
video entitled Luke Miller: Forging History.” The documentary
examines the history of the Miller family, the impact of their farm and
forge on the local economy during the Revolution, and the socio-political
climate of that time period. The documentary had been broadcast on
Cablevision throughout 2007 and will be used in history classes at
Madison public schools. DVD copies may be available for purchase at the
Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, 9 Main Street or may be viewed for free
at the Madison Historical Society, located in the Chase Room at the
Madison Public Library, 39 Keep Street.