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The Luke Miller House does not seem to be haunted at present by any of the souls who passed within it. However, there have been a few encounters in the past with ghostly entities in both the house and forge. The most vivid encounter involved the apparition of a lady in a beautiful white dress and hat, in front of or outside of the 1st floor keeping room window. To read the full story of this encounter, provided by Jessica Arendt, click here. There were also repeated encounters with an entity inside the forge; these encounters occurred between 1976 and 1996 and were experienced by the tenant (Stanley), who was living in the structure during that time period. Most recently, the apparition of a happy Indian in his 70s, wearing a red and brown jacket and black pants, was witnessed outside the forge by Jon Gabry, a gifted sensitive, who visited the house on February 9, 2008.


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