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Descendants of Luke Miller

Pictured above are Carolyn Cain Iliff Willen of Massachusetts (the great, great, great, great, great grand-daughter of Luke Miller) and her daughter, Shelly Shapiro of Connecticut (the great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of Luke Miller) visiting The Luke Miller House in early winter, 2008, just after the 2-year restoration and renovations were completed. Carolyn's and Shelly's family tree, linking them back 12 generations to John Miller (the first Miller family member to arrive in the colonies in the mid-1600s) is shown below.

Are you a descendant of Major Luke Miller? Would you like to add your picture and line of ancestry to this Web site? If so, please send a photo and a copy of your SAR or DAR application to The Luke Miller House. Email and US Mail addresses can be found through the Contact link on this site.

Shelley Shapiro

  • Daughter of Robert Iliff and Carolyn Cain

Carolyn Cain Iliff Willen

  • Born March 14, 1927
  • Daughter of Ernest A. Cain and Jeannette Hazen Gaddis
  • Brother: George B. Cain
  • Wife of Robert E. Iliff (1st husband) and Neal R. Willen (2nd husband)
  • 3 children: Lindsay, Shelley, and Robert

Jeannette Hazen Gaddis

  • Daughter of Alice Jeannette Hazen Gaddis and George Gaddis
  • Wife of Ernest A. Cain

Alice Jeanette Hazen Gaddis

  • Daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Miller Hazen and John Francis Hazen  
  • Born July 31, 1869
  • Married George Elmer Gaddis on October 9, 1901
  • George Elmer Gaddis born September 1, 1867; died November 25, 1937

Sarah Elizabeth Miller Hazen

  • Daughter of John Bonnel Miller and Hulda Woodhull Nicholas
  • Born October 11, 1848; died July 29, 1927
  • Married John Francis Hazen on February 20, 1867
  • John Francis Hazen born February 19, 1845; died October 24, 1913

John Bonnel Miller

  • Son of Mary Ward Ludlow and George C. Miller
  • Born September 6, 1822; died March 2, 1894
  • Married Hulda Nicholas on April 1, 1844
  • Hulda Woodhull Nicholas born December 13,1824; died January 30, 1892

Mary Ward Ludlow

  • Daughter of Rhoda Miller Ward and Elias Ward
  • Born January 17, 1795; died December 25, 1837
  • Married George Carter Miller on May 4, 1815
  • George Carter Miller born December 31, 1789; died January 23, 1872

Rhoda Miller Ward

  • Daughter of Luke Miller and Rachel Bonnel
  • Wife of Elias Ward

Major Luke Miller

  • Born in “The Luke Miller House” September 8, 1759, died in the same house, January 23, 1851 (to see Luke Miller’s Tombstone in Madison’s Hillside Cemetary, click here)
  • Inherited “The Luke Miller House” upon his father’s death in 1775
  • Married 3 times (Esther Thompson, Rachel Bonnel, and Mary Thompson)
  • Fathered 10 children

Josiah Miller

  • Born August 22, 1728; died September 27, 1775
  • Wife was Betty, born 1730; died 1777
  • Josiah and 2 of his brothers, Joseph and John, came to Bottle Hill in the 1750s; 56+ acres on Bottle Hill, purchased by their father, Andrew, III, was divided amongst the 3 of them
    • Joseph received his father's joiners shop plus 17 acres and 20 perches to the south of The Luke Miller House; his stately colonial home still stands at 81 Ridgedale Avenue
    • John received his father's blacksmith shop plus 17 acres and 20 perches to the north of The Luke Miller House and 5 acres and 61 perches on the west side of what is today Ridgedale Avenue; John’s house stood on the 5+ acre portion of his property until it was demolished in 1935
    • Luke received "Miller's Station" plus 17 acres and 20 perches; the last remaining 1.6 of these 17+ acres that comprise “Miller’s Station” is preserved today surrounding “The Luke Miller House”
  • Josiah was the father of Luke

Andrew Miller, III

  • Born 1695; died 1777
  • Lived at Miller’s Place, Southampton, Long Island
  • Purchased 56+ acres in Bottle Hill section of Hanover (now Madison, NJ) circa 1730
  • from David Burnet, who was the original purchaser of the land from the Indians
  • Andrew III was the father of Josiah; Andrew III outlived Josiah by about 2 years

Andrew Miller, Jr

  • Died 1725
  • Wife was Mary Phillips, died 1750
  • Andrew, Jr was the father of Andrew, III

Andrew Miller, Sr

  • Father of Andrew, Jr

John Miller

  • Born in England, 1630
  • Wife was the daughter of Abraham Pierson
  • John was the father of Andrew, Sr


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