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Acknowledgements and Thanks

      The restoration, conservation, and renovation of Miller’s Station would not             
      have been possible without the extraordinary skills and input of many local
      tradesmen, craftsmen, and other skilled professionals who specialize in the
      revitalization of historic architecture and landscapes. The results of this 
      endeavor would also not have been as finely detailed, nor as extensive,
      without the generosity of countless historic preservationists and local
      volunteers who contributed their time, energy, and resources to saving
      and restoring one of Madison’s most important historical treasures.

      Major Luke Miller and the 18th custodian of the Luke Miller House would    
      like to thank (in alphabetical order) the following businesses, individuals,
      and organizations for their invaluable advice, contributions, and support
      towards the successful preservation and rebirth of historic Miller’s Station: 

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