Watercolor of The Luke Miller House by Ernest Walden, aka Davis Gray, of Gray’s Watercolors, commissioned by the Carteret Savings Bank for the 1976 US bicentennial; fine reproduction copies of watercolors of local Revolutionary War-era buildings were given to bank customers who opened new accounts at local branches


Oldest known photo of The Luke Miller House, taken in 1894; note the dark stained clapboard siding and the absence of dormers, shutters, south side overhang, and west wing that were subsequently added during the 1900s; also note the familiar wooden Victorian-style picket fence with spade-topped pickets, the blacksmith forge at far left, and the grassy “driveway” at the same location as the present paved driveway


Art Deco-style etching of The Luke Miller House by Vernon Howe Bailey, #340 in a continuing series, “Sketches of New York’s Suburbs,” for The New York Sun; appeared with descriptive caption below the image in the June 30th, 1936 edition