This is a true story of my ghost encounter in The Luke Miller House. My grandparents, Rae and Al Chrone (who I affectionately refer to as Muma and Papa), owned the historic home for 21 years (1976-1996). The encounter is a vivid memory for me, and with time, has become less scary and more precious, so I’d love to share it with you.

My grandparents’ house was an enchanted place, filled with wonderful collections of antiques, period furnishings, and family heirlooms. One night, when my cousin and I were visiting with them, we decided to treat Muma and Papa to a fashion show after dinner. Muma always had beautiful vintage clothes displayed throughout the house, and she allowed us to dress up and carefully play in them.

As the big show began, Muma and Papa had “front row seats” at the kitchen table on the south side of the house. My cousin and I would do wardrobe changes in the back office (the room with “Washington’s Rock”), on the opposite side of the house. We would take alternate turns, walking gracefully down the “runway,” which was the corridor from the back office, through the pantry/laundry room, and into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, we would discuss our vintage costumes and model them for our admiring audience.

Throughout the evening’s show, my cousin and I hurriedly changed outfits in the back office. While changing, we had a view of the darkness outside through a window in the adjoining “keeping room”. In the blackness of the window, we could vaguely discern our reflections while we changed.

At one point during the show, I remember glancing at the window while hurriedly changing my dress and seeing what I thought was my cousin’s reflection. She was in a gorgeous white dress with a soft brimmed hat and was walking slowly. The image was so clear and white, just like a reflection. It looked beautiful. I think I remember the image so clearly because of the emotions it stirred; I remember feeling that my cousin looked so lovely, and I was a little jealous because I hadn't seen this dress before. And I definitely did not have a hat like the one she was wearing.

Anyway, I turned around to ask my cousin where she got the hat, but she wasn't in the room. She was in the kitchen, having a conversation with Muma and Papa. I realized then that the woman in the window didn't really even look like my cousin; she was taller and thinner, and I panicked. I rushed into the kitchen and told Muma and Papa that there was someone outside. I explained what had happened and Papa went and walked around the house, but of course saw no one.

There was one other small incident on the swing by the stone grist mill table in the back yard. I was swinging and out of the corner of my eye saw the white skirt of a woman go around the corner of the house, toward the driveway in the front yard. It was slow enough to see the rustle of a skirt as someone turns quickly, but too fast to see anything else. I got off the swing because I thought someone was there and I was always looking for people to play with. But when I looked around the corner of the house, there was no one around - just Muma and Papa, neither of whom were wearing skirts.

That's it - nothing too scary, but memorable for me! I hope that the new owner, his little dogs, the house, and all the spirits are getting along! I LOVE that house and will always think fondly of it...and the ghosts.

Jessica Arendt