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This site was designed to be a living repository of historical documents, images, and information about Madison’s oldest and most beloved historical home. The content was developed and gathered over a 4-year period (2005-2008) and is now accessible through this beautiful site.

Sources for content on this Web site include:

  • Archives of the Madison Historical Society
  • Books, historical maps, magazines, and newspapers
  • Direct descendants of Major Luke Miller
  • Former owners of The Luke Miller House
  • Library of Congress, Washington DC
  • Madison Historical Society
  • Morris County Clerk’s Office, Registry Area
  • Morris County Heritage Commission
  • National Archives, Washington DC
  • Scholarly research findings by individuals and groups at
    • Drew University
    • Hunter Research
    • Madison High School
    • The Museum of Early Trades and Crafts

New content will continually be added to this site. If you would like to submit new content for inclusion on the site, please email with a description of your proposed additions. Your name and/or your organization’s name will be included along with content that is added in order to recognize your contribution and document the source.

I hope you find this site enjoyable, useful, and valuable for your needs. Please feel free to send comments or suggestions for enhancements through the email link provided above. Your input is welcome and appreciated!

David Quirk
18th Owner/Custodian
The Luke Miller House

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